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The N Word

Originally, the word "nigger" may not have been derogatory; but in this day in age, it commonly is.

It is very confusing that blacks and other races use the word nigger to mean almost the complete opposite. For example, African-Americans use nigger among themselves with the meaning of brotherhood, friendship, and endearment especially in the hip hop culture. On the other hand, other races use the term nigger as an insult or to denote a lower class of people. Nigger might not necessarily imply the colored race, but also is used to mean a sub-race with inferior economic and social culture. For example, the word wigger (derived from the words white and nigger) is used to denote white youths who become integrated with the black hip hop or gangster sub-culture.

Furthermore, black people use the nigger word among themselves without any problems; but if a white person uses the word, then they are automatically deemed racists. This is clearly very hypocritical and unfair. As a result, this is why the "The N Word" phrase is often used instead of the "nigger" word as an attempt at political correctness. Yet, “The N Word” phrase has the same meaning as nigger but is considered less shocking, is more accepted in polite society, and sounds more understanding and sympathetic.

I recommend that everyone stops using both the "nigger" word and the "The N Word" phrase. Only voluntary removal of this word from the English language can this racial insult be eliminated as well as removing the hypocritical definitions of the word and the stereotyping that comes with it. Only if each and every person tries to stop using this word, one person at a time, can this truly have a realistic effect. So, please stop using the "nigger" word and the "The N Word" phrase.

by Phil for Humanity
on 20070601

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