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A Guide for the Survival of Humankind and Helping the World, Society, and Yourself.

Articles for Personal Development

  1. "How to Win Friends and Influence People" is Wrong
  2. 0^0 is Undefined
  3. 10 Essential Elements of Self-Compassion
  4. 10 Ways 3D Printing is Shaping the Future of Medicine
  5. 13 Steps to be Productive
  6. 20 Mimuts
  7. 3 Reasons to Stop Using Dryers
  8. 5 More Wise (Ass) Sayings
  9. 5 Reasons Why Hype Sucks
  10. 5 Small Nutrition Tips That Make a Big Impact on Your Health
  11. 5 Smart (Ass) Sayings
  12. 6 Reasons Why We Lie
  13. 7 Reasons to Never Retire
  14. 8 Signs That You Work Too Much
  15. 9 1 Woops
  16. 9 Suggestions for Exercising More
  17. A Better Ring Tone
  18. A Broken Clock Might Not be Right Twice a Day
  19. A Homeless Survival Guide
  20. A Mother's Prerogative
  21. A Trashcan in your Car
  22. AC Adapters Issue
  23. Abortion: Religion versus Practicality versus Morality
  24. Accept It and Move On
  25. Accidental Sofa Hack
  26. Addressing Issues
  27. Alarm Clock Lifehack
  28. All Children are Geniuses
  29. All Men Are Not Created Equally
  30. Amazing Paintings that Look like Real Photographs
  31. An Analysis of Reasons for Allowing and Denying Gun Ownership
  32. An Easier Way to Check for a Wet or Soiled Diaper
  33. An Issue with Electrical Safety Plugs
  34. Another Fundamental Flaw with Online Advertisement
  35. Appearance is Everything
  36. Arguments can be Good
  37. Asking Forgiveness versus Permission
  38. Atheism versus Agnosticism
  39. Atheists have Morals
  40. Auto-Correcting People
  41. Baby Knee Pads
  42. Baby Toy Idea
  43. Bathroom Lights
  44. Be a Productive Member of Society
  45. Be a Respectable Adult
  46. Becoming Rich
  47. Being Too Serious
  48. Better Air Conditioner Automation
  49. Better Car Storage Compartments
  50. Better Flea and Tick Prevention for the Home
  51. Better Gasoline Reporting
  52. Blog Carnivals
  53. Blood Filters
  54. Bodybuilding Problems
  55. Bored at Work
  56. Brush then Floss or Floss then Brush?
  57. Bullshit Answers
  58. Buy One, Get One Free
  59. Carnival of Debt Management - 28th Edition
  60. Carnival of Life, Happiness, and Meaning - 24th Edition
  61. Carnival of Small Business Issues - 18th Edition
  62. Cash Back from Credit Cards
  63. Change or Accept It
  64. Childhood is Stressful
  65. Children and Faith
  66. Chinese Saying about Children
  67. Choice is the only Freedom
  68. Clean Ears with Cotton Swabs?
  69. Colonizing Other Solar Systems
  70. Complaining is Good for You
  71. Computers > Humans
  72. Confusion with Daylight Saving Time
  73. Contacting Aliens
  74. Continuous Improvement
  75. Craps: The Game
  76. Curved Wallets
  77. Cutting Edge versus Bleeding Edge Technology
  78. Dear Junk Mail Solicitors
  79. Death to Commuting
  80. Delegate to Someone with No Authority
  81. Demote Managers
  82. Desire is Suffering
  83. Diaper Bags versus Backpacks
  84. Do What You Love
  85. Doctor Appointment? Don't Wait Too Long!
  86. Doctor Shots Joke
  87. Does the End Justify the Means?
  88. Double Standard of Opinions
  89. Early Social Stratification
  90. Elevators versus Stairs
  91. Encountering Aliens from another World
  92. Enjoy Each Moment
  93. Etiquette to Reading and Replying to Emails
  94. Everyone has a Boss
  95. Everyone is Racist
  96. Evolution is Dead
  97. Evolution versus Religion
  98. Extroverts and Introverts
  99. Faith is a Mental Disease
  100. Famous Sayings
  101. Fear of Death and Dying
  102. Fear of Rejection
  103. Fibonacci Mystery Proof
  104. Fibonacci Mystery
  105. Firing Idiots!
  106. Five Motivational Tips
  107. Flaw Found with Microsoft's Spider Solitaire
  108. Free Parking
  109. Funny Asian Sign
  110. Gambling Advice
  111. Garage Door Confusion
  112. Gay Marriages
  113. Generic Business Plan
  114. Gift Cards are Evil
  115. Go To Bed Earlier
  116. Google's Problem
  117. Gotcha!
  118. Greed is Good and Bad
  119. Greeting Cards are a Rip-Off
  120. Grow, Plateau, and Go
  121. Gym Alternatives
  122. Half Full/Empty Glass
  123. Handling Complaints
  124. Hate the Player and the Game
  125. Health is More Important than Wealth
  126. Help Identify These Mushrooms
  127. Homemade Word Puzzle
  128. How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?
  129. How Much Time to Reach the Nearest Star?
  130. How Science Fiction Misrepresents Cloning
  131. How To End Ender's Game
  132. How the IoT Can Help Cities
  133. How to Build Better Trashcans
  134. How to Colonize the Solar System
  135. How to Design Better Gas Stations
  136. How to Divide by Zero
  137. How to Gain Weight And Build Muscle Fast for Skinny Guys
  138. How to Gain Weight
  139. How to Improve Flashlights
  140. How to Live Off of Minimum Wage
  141. How to Make Credit Cards More Secure
  142. How to Make Credit Cards even MORE Secure and More Widely Accepted
  143. How to Make Refrigerators and Freezers Easier to Access
  144. How to Make a Small Fortune Joke
  145. How to More Cheaply Cool a Fridge
  146. How to NOT Gain Weight
  147. How to Overcome Writer's Block with Greeting Cards
  148. How to Really Increase Your Self Confidence
  149. How to Recognize Junk Mail without ever Opening Them
  150. How to Reduce Stress
  151. Humanity's Responsibilities
  152. Hyper-Critical
  153. Hypnotic Learning
  154. I Sow for Others to Reap
  155. IT Self-Destruction by Management
  156. If You are not having Fun, then You are not Living
  157. Ignorance and Stupidity
  158. Ignorance is Bliss
  159. Immortality is Stagnation
  160. Improving Cereal Packaging
  161. Inexplicable USPS Packaging Costs
  162. Infinite Number is Impossible
  163. Inflation is Higher than Investment Interest Rates
  164. Is College Worth It?
  165. Is Sarcasm Lying?
  166. Is it Time to Purchase Bank Foreclosed Properties?
  167. Is the Prime Directive Ethical?
  168. Issues with Modern Checkbooks
  169. It Does Not Matter
  170. It is Not about Being Right
  171. Knowledge is No Longer Power
  172. Knowledge, Intelligence, and Wisdom
  173. Laziness is the Father of Invention
  174. Less Me, More We
  175. Life is a Phase
  176. Live within your Means
  177. Lottery: A Stupid Man's Tax
  178. Mahjong Aggravation
  179. Managing is Common Sense
  180. Math Proof: Natural Log (X ^ Y)
  181. Merge SIM and SD Cards
  182. Mini-Mattresses
  183. Money Can Not Buy Happiness
  184. Morality is Black or White
  185. Morality versus Forgiveness
  186. Mortgages for Seniors: Pros and Cons of the Reverse Mortgage
  187. Mosquito in the House
  188. Most Juices are Apple Juice
  189. Motivation for College
  190. My First Interview
  191. My Personal Gripes with the Ten Commandments
  192. Mysterious Giant Mushrooms
  193. Mystery Birds
  194. Mystery Fruits
  195. Natural versus Man-Made
  196. Never Donate or Trade In Your Car
  197. Next Please
  198. No Fear
  199. No Long-Term Planning is Stupid
  200. No Ouching
  201. Nothing is Perfect
  202. Observing Objects near the Speed of Light
  203. Obsolete Technologies and their Replacements
  204. Offensive Topics
  205. Open Mind, Open Heart
  206. Optimistic?
  207. Overcoming Fear
  208. Overcoming Laziness
  209. Packaging Pollution
  210. Papaya Bugs
  211. Past, Present, and Future
  212. Patience versus Optimization
  213. Perpetual Motion
  214. Pessimism versus Realism
  215. Pet Peeve #1: No Long Term Future
  216. Pet Peeve #2: Public Toilets
  217. Pet Peeve #3: All Natural is NOT Necessarily Good
  218. Pet Peeve #4: Most Foods are Organic
  219. Pet Peeve #5: The Best Parking Space
  220. Picture of a Funny Misspelled Sign
  221. Picture of a Least Chipmunk
  222. Pictures of Cherry Blossoms
  223. Plant a BETTER Tree
  224. Please Help Classify These Mushrooms
  225. Possessions are a Burden
  226. Possible Cure for Canker Sores
  227. Postponement is Abandonment
  228. Power Front Sunshades
  229. Practice Practice Practice
  230. Preventing Damage from Leaky Sinks
  231. Problem with All Toys
  232. Proof: 0 * Undefined = -1
  233. Proud to be Proud
  234. Proving Evolution
  235. Quality of Life (Part 2)
  236. Quality of Life
  237. Racism is Ignorance and Hatred
  238. Racist against Racists
  239. Raising Children Fairly and Equally
  240. Reason versus Faith
  241. Reason versus Religion
  242. Reasons for Apathy
  243. Recycle Christmas Trees
  244. Recycle Old Computers and Broken Electronics
  245. Recycling Batteries
  246. Recycling Kitchen Waste
  247. Recycling Rain Water
  248. Recycling Yard Waste
  249. Reducing the Electricity Consumption of Water Heaters
  250. Relieving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Increasing Computer Productivity
  251. Religious Thought throughout the Middle Ages
  252. Retirement Calculator
  253. Revenge Prolongs Pain
  254. Revenge is a Dish Best Not Served
  255. Safety Issue with the Ford Edge 2010
  256. Safety Issue with the Honda Odyssey
  257. Save Money at Target
  258. Saving Money versus Saving Time
  259. Selecting a College Major
  260. Self-Confidence is Key in Poker
  261. Sentences Ending in Prepositions
  262. Short-Term versus Long-Term Capital Gains
  263. Sierpinski Triangle Using HTML 5
  264. Simple Headache Relief
  265. Six Benefits of Emergency Power Generators for Homes
  266. Sleep Nightmare
  267. Sleeping on your Stomach
  268. Small, Average, Great, and Greater Minds
  269. Soft Drinks are Liquid Candy
  270. Speaking Carefully and Correctly
  271. Spicy Hot versus Temperature Hot
  272. Stainless Steel Refrigerators
  273. Sterilizing Cell Phones
  274. Stop Playing Car Music
  275. Stop Re-Building Homes in the Floodplains
  276. Stop Using Credit Cards
  277. Stopping Junk Mail
  278. Stupid Questions versus Stupid People
  279. Suddenly Rich?
  280. Suffering Leads to Wisdom
  281. Superstition versus Reason
  282. Surprises
  283. Teaching Patience
  284. Teflon Cars
  285. The 5 Types of CEOs and What Motivates Them
  286. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tenure
  287. The Advantages and Disadvantages of eStatements
  288. The Advantages of Setting Goals
  289. The Benefits of Delegation
  290. The Best Mortgage Comparison Website is
  291. The Blame Game
  292. The Controversy over Stem Cell Research
  293. The Dangers of Scheduling with your Boss
  294. The Dangers of Traveling near the Speed of Light
  295. The Decreasing Quality of Movies
  296. The Definition of Morality and Ethics
  297. The Definition of Tuckle
  298. The Definitions of Lower, Middle, and Upper Classes
  299. The Dilemma for Young Women
  300. The Effects of the Black Death on the Middle Ages
  301. The First Worldwide Culture is the Internet
  302. The Four-Step Plan to End Credit Card Offer Solicitations
  303. The Great Waste of Pumpkins
  304. The Guessing Game
  305. The Highest Possible Score in Backgammon
  306. The History and Introduction of Nuclear Chemistry and the Atomic Model
  307. The History and Psychological Effects of UFOs on the American People
  308. The Merits of Two Backups
  309. The Most Dangerous Weapon
  310. The Mystery of Light and the Theory of Relativity
  311. The N Word
  312. The Origin of Morality and Ethics
  313. The Price of Progress
  314. The Problem with LASIK
  315. The Problem with Transitions Eyeglasses
  316. The Problems with IT Firefighting
  317. The Pros and Cons of Atheism
  318. The Pros and Cons of Bottled Water
  319. The Pros and Cons of Corporal Punishment
  320. The Pros and Cons of Negativity
  321. The Pros and Cons of Organic Food and Farming
  322. The Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters
  323. The Right and Wrong Ways to Boost Morale
  324. The Road to Enlightenment is Paved with Selfishness
  325. The Secret of Success
  326. The Secret to Happiness
  327. The Secret to a Clean Home
  328. The Secret to a Well Kept Yard
  329. The Secret to the Bellagio Hotel's Buffet
  330. The Source of All Evil
  331. The Suffering of Others
  332. The Television versus the Internet
  333. The Turtle and the Rabbit
  334. The Types of Employees at Large Companies
  335. The Types of Managers
  336. The Ultimate Green Wedding
  337. The World's Most Annoying Game
  338. The World's Stupidest Game: Coin Toss: Heads or Tails
  339. Think Before Donating
  340. Think Before You Speak
  341. Think More, Do Better
  342. This is a Social Bookmarking Experiment
  343. Those Who Ignore History are Doomed to Repeat It
  344. Time Travel Theories
  345. Time is Our Most Valuable Asset
  346. Tips for Creating Customized Greeting Cards
  347. To All Smokers and Non-Smokers
  348. To Rationality Help Humanity
  349. To Rationally Help Humanity
  350. To Rent or Own?
  351. Toilet Paper is Not Sterile
  352. Top 18 Signs Your Department is Being Laid Off
  353. Top 4 Benefits of Wearing Safety Footwear
  354. Top Ten Reasons Why No One Clicks on Your Ads
  355. Turn a Dream into a Goal
  356. Turn your Scrap into Quick Cash
  357. Two Car Insurance Cards
  358. Umbrellas, Umbrellas, Umbrellas
  359. Undefined * Undefined = Undefined
  360. Undefined + Undefined = Undefined
  361. Understanding Behavior Types
  362. Understanding Emergency Food Supplies
  363. Understanding Heavy Metal Music
  364. Understanding the Sanctity of Marriage
  365. Upgrading Smoke Detectors
  366. Useless Christmas Gifts
  367. Voice Mail Enhancement Idea
  368. Waking Up Less Sleepy
  369. Web 2.0 versus AdSense
  370. Wetting Public Toilet Paper in Public Restrooms
  371. What Causes Stress?
  372. What Doesn't Kill Us Will Try Again
  373. What You Need to do when Global Warming Causes Rising Sea Levels
  374. What does Infinity Divided by Infinity Equal?
  375. What does Infinity Minus Infinity Equal?
  376. What does Infinity to the Negative One Power Equal to?
  377. What does Zero Times Infinity Equal?
  378. What is Rich?
  379. What is Wrong with "How are You?"
  380. When to Replace an Aging Car
  381. Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?
  382. Who is Crazier?
  383. Why Demonstrations and Petitions Do Not Work
  384. Why Freshly Cut Grass Smells Good
  385. Why Outdoor Games are Best for Fitness?
  386. Why People Interrupt
  387. Why People Make Bad Decisions
  388. Why Rumors are Bad
  389. Why Would Aliens Attack Humanity?
  390. Why a Career Turns into a Job
  391. Why do Foods Taste Better when Someone Else Cooks?
  392. Wooden versus Concrete Roofs
  393. Words with Silent Letters
  394. Wristwatches are a Dying Technology
  395. Wristwatches are still Dying
  396. YOLO and Wisdom
  397. ln 0 is Undefined