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3 Reasons to Stop Using Dryers

Dryers, also known as drying machines or clothes dryers, may be fast and convenient to quickly dry our clothes and linens, however we seldom consider how much they really cost.

First, clothes dryers are much more expensive than buying drying racks or clothes lines. Keep in mind that dryers typically only last between 10 to 20 years including minor repairs. Clothes lines and drying racks can easily last just as long, while being only a fraction of the price of an electric dryer. In fact, the typical repair service for a dryer is probably more expensive than purchasing a new clothes line or drying rack.

Second, the cost of using a dryer is also higher. Dryers increase our electric bills quite more than we realize. On the other hand, letting cloths dry naturally does not cost anything except time and convenience. Just remember to place wet clothes and linens outdoors or indoors in a well vented or well lit area such as a window. And donít forget that sun dried clothing smells much better too.

Third, using clothes dryers is not environmentally friendly. The process of manufacturing and later disposing of broken dryers produces a lot of waste and some of which is toxic and not recyclable. Furthermore, the environmental impact of using more electricity than necessary is very harmful too.

Therefore, I ask you to please stop using dryers despite their convenience and speed, because these three reasons to dry our clothes and linens naturally are great ways to save money and help the environment.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/15/2007

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