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3 Ways to Start a Career Helping the Environment

Do you want to make the world a better place, but you can't find the time? If you're tired of spending 40 hours a week on work that doesn't give back, maybe it's time for a change. Here are three ways you can make a career out of helping the planet.

Become an Environmental Consultant

Environmental consultants help clients like businesses, construction firms, and governments comply with regulations and lower their environmental impact.
  1. Environmental consultants have backgrounds in science, math, and engineering. To succeed as a consultant, you'll also need skills in business and communications.
  2. Most consultants work in a specific niche or specialty. Clearly defining and structuring your services avoids scope creep and makes it easier to set fair rates.
  3. Professional liability insurance is a critical part of a consultant's risk management strategy. These policies cover mistakes, delays, negligence, and other claims arising from a consulting business.
  4. No paperwork is required to start operating as a sole proprietorship. However, you will need to file a Schedule C along with your personal tax return.

Start a Sustainable Business

Sustainable and eco-friendly businesses span all industries, from retail and restaurants to manufacturers, builders, and more.

  1. You don't need experience to start a business, but it doesn't hurt to polish your skills via online courses in marketing, management, and more.
  2. Ideas for an eco-friendly startup include selling eco-friendly products, starting a green cleaning business, opening a pedal-powered food cart, or getting into sustainable packaging design.
  3. If you don't have the cash to finance your business, explore startup capital options like small business loans, personal loans, retirement accounts, and family and friends.
  4. Do you need an LLC to start a business? While not required, creating a business entity has benefits. An LLC protects your personal assets with fewer administrative requirements than other types of businesses.

Launch a Nonprofit Career

Environmental nonprofits lead the charge in the fight for conservation, climate action, clean air and water, and other important environmental issues.
  1. Business skills like human resources and IT are highly valued by nonprofits, but transitioning to a mission-driven career may require a mindset shift.
  2. Top-rated environmental nonprofits include advocacy organizations like the Sierra Club, conversation groups like Waterkeeper Alliance, and health and justice organizations like Environmental Working Group.
  3. Thinking of starting a nonprofit of your own? Learn what's involved in setting up your 501c(3) organization, securing funding, and staying compliant.
  4. Consider finding a fiscal sponsor as an alternative to a nonprofit. Fiscal sponsorship lets small organizations raise funds without the administrative burden of starting a nonprofit.

There's more than one path to a meaningful and sustainable career. Consider how your skills and experience align with these eco-friendly career paths. Do you have an analytical background, an entrepreneurial mindset, or the ability to rally others behind a mission? There could be an inspiring eco-friendly career waiting for you just around the corner.

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/18/2021

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