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5 Issues with Firefox 5.0

I have recently upgraded to Firefox 5.0, and I am getting more and more disappointed with Mozilla's browser. In no particular order, the five major issues that I have with Firefox 5.0 are:
  1. Each time that I upgrade to a major version of Firefox, all of my Add-ons (a.k.a. plug-ins) cease to function. By the time most of the plug-ins that I use are updated to work with the latest version of Firefox, a newer version of Firefox is released and I am back without any working Add-ons. I think Mozilla's Developers needs to support backward compatibility of Add-ons.

  2. Second, when I first run Firefox, I do not want to a blank tab web page, and I do not want to go to a home page. Why is no tabs not an option during start up? Why is no tabs ever an option? A blank “New Tab” is useless clutter.
  3. And that leads perfectly into my third issue. With Firefox 5.0, there is now an option to “Pin” an “App Tab”, however it is impossible to set this App Tab as my homepage. So when I run Firefox now, I have an App Tab for Gmail, and I have a regular tab for my Gmail homepage. As a result, I have to always close the regular Gmail Tab. So, I just unpinned my Gmail App Tab. I'll have to continue to remember not to accidentally close that tab, but at least I don't have to always close an extra useless tab.
  4. I have a few other sites that I continuously visit that I would like to also pin. However, those sites do not auto-refresh themselves. I wish there is an option to automatically refresh pinned sites, where each site can have a different refresh rate of my choice. As a result and after one day of using pinned App Tabs, I have completely stopped using this new feature.
  5. Finally, when I first installed Firefox, it knows my computer's default printer, and sets the Firefox default printer to the same. However, once I print to a different printer using Firefox, that becomes my new default printer in Firefox. The only way to edit my default Firefox printer is to manually edit the config files of Firefox. There news to be a menu option to change default printers, or Firefox should not have their own default printer and always defaults to the computer's default printer.

After about 5 years of using on Firefox, I think it is time to investigate if Google's Chrome Browser is better than Firefox.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/23/2011

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