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9 1 Woops

In most large American businesses, they have both an internal phone system and an external phone system. From the internal phone system, anyone call anyone else in the company using only four, five, or seven numbers (this is typically and completely customizable by each company). If someone wants to dial someone outside of the internal phone system, then that person just needs to dial 9 to access the outside phone system and then dial the outside phone number normally. Yet, if someone is dialing a long distance number, then the next digit entered must be a 1 followed by the area code and local phone number. However, if someone accidentally enters the 1 a second time (there are no area codes that start with a 1 digit), then the person just called the emergency 9-1-1 help line when they did not mean to.

In my opinion, this is very error prone and thus a very bad design.

The easiest solution is for the internal phone systems to change the digit to dial out from 9 to some other digit.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/10/2011

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