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AC Adapters Issue

I often need to plug in small electrical gadgets, yet I am not able to plug in the bulky AC adapters into an available electrical socket. The basic problem is that a standard electrical socket is too small for plugging in two large AC adapters.

Even when I use extension cords, surge protectors, and UPS backups, I noticed that I cover empty electrical sockets with AC adapters thus making them useless. And I still sometimes do not have enough available electric sockets when using extension cords, surge protectors, and UPS backups.

There are two obvious solutions to this simple issue. First, electrical sockets should have their plugs either father away or rotated in opposite directions, thus allowing two AC adapters to be plug-able at the same time. Second, AC adapters could easily be redesigned to not be so bulky near the plug. Maybe the bulky could be sticking out instead of down, or the bulky AC adapters could be further along the electric cord, such as laptop power cables.

So, if you are an electrical engineer, please consider on redesigning AC adapters and electrical sockets.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/06/2012

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