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A Better Purpose for NASA

The main purpose of N.A.S.A. is space exploration and discovery. This purpose is neither practical nor directly helps all of humanity, with the exception of asteroid tracking that could potentially save lives. Furthermore, another mistake that N.A.S.A. does is following orders from politicians who will be out of office before their missions for N.A.S.A. are completed. This is because these same politicians fund N.A.S.A. for their own political purposes rather than what is truly better for humankind.

N.A.S.A. should be more concerned with making a space station that can support a human colony in case anything unfortunate happens to the Earth. That means this space station must be completely self-sufficient for food, water, air, medicine, and any other resources that they may need. Keep in mind that the previous biosphere experiments have all been failures. N.A.S.A. needs to do a lot of research in making this technology a reality for any true long term space missions. Additionally, this space station or colony must have sufficient radiation shielding that the International Space Station does not have for raising generations of children and livestock. A human colony would also needs a specific amount of gravity to thrive. A spinning space station can be created with centrifugal force providing artificial gravity. This method is much more preferred than a settlement on the Moon or Mars, because settlements at these locations would have insufficient gravity for normal human growth development.

As for a more practical purpose, this space station could be placed in a very elliptical orbit that would periodically approach the Earth and Mars once per revolution around our Sun. Thus, it would provide a transportation service to Mars and back with minimum fuel and can be re-used almost indefinitely. Unfortunately, this means of transportation would be very slow, but it would be much safer than any other current option.

Furthermore, this colony would have to be more than just self-sufficient, since it would have to be able to spawn other similar colonies. Ideally, the Asteroid Belt is the best location for space station colonies, because colonists could mine asteroids for resources.

In conclusion, it is more practical and idealistic to build colony space stations and guarantee the continuity of civilization, than just space exploration and discovery for the sake of science, research, and political motivation. So, please contact the leaders of N.A.S.A. and the United States of America, and convince them to change the purpose of N.A.S.A. for the future of humankind.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/13/2006

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