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A Better Ring Tone

Do you also find most ring tones too loud and annoying? Well, I do.

The first problem is that most cell phones have very small and cheap speakers, thus they are not meant to handle loud volume music. So music playing on cell phones sound harsh and distorted. The second problem is that I find most new ring tones are based on pop or rap music, and everyone in the world does not share the same taste in music. So most likely, few people would want to listen to your music. Third, a suddenly loud ring tone is often inappropriate in most settings. It might be acceptable in a loud mall, restaurant, or cafeteria where there are a lot of people, however most people are not in those environments most of the time.

My solution is simple. Pick a soft ring tone that blends into the background without disturbing other people. Perhaps sings birds, classical music, or a barking dog, that would get louder the longer the cell phone is ringing. Most people would easily tune out those everyday sounds, while the cell phone owners would recognize them as their ring tone.

Or maybe the cell phone can auto-detect the miscellaneous volume of the sounds in the room, and play the ring tone at a more appropriate volume for the cell phone's current environment.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/07/2010

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