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Abolish Toll Booths

How often are you running late for an appointment and suddenly realize that you are going to be further delayed because of a toll booth in front of you? Do you get even more hurried? How about impatient or angry?

Most roads that we drive on do not have toll booths. Of course we pay taxes to pay for these roads, but at least those taxes do not interrupt, aggravate, and delay our busy lives. Why not pay for our roads only indirectly, instead of both indirectly and directly?

I recommend that all governments dissolve toll booths for the betterment of their people. I am not saying we should not pay for these roads, just pay for them without the hassle, aggravation, and annoyance of having to deal with toll booths. This means that governments would have to purchase or directly pay existing private road owners, and of course increase taxes to pay for it all.

Please contact your local and national governments (for example, the United States Department of Transportation) and let them know that we do not want toll booths interfering with our lives. Or you can find more about this movement from this website:

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/13/2006

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