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Accept It and Move On

No one is perfect. The world is not perfect. Nothing is perfect. Donít expect perfection from yourself, others, or the world. Donít even expect others to attempt perfection either. No matter how important something may be to you, people will always have the "good enough" philosophy deep down inside them. Whatever it is, it is less important for them than it is for you.

This is why I have this new motto in life: Accept it and move on.

My biggest problem, that Iím aware of, is that I dwell on the imperfections of myself and others. I always question what people were thinking and why did they did or didnít do something. I always complained, usually through sarcasm, to whoever would listen. Complaining is actually quite fun to a certain degree. At the very least, complaining is a good stress reliever.

However, I have found that complaining also has unintentional consequences. It makes everyone else unhappy and depressed too, thus decreasing morale and productivity of everyone around me. As a result, I am trying not to dwell on issues as much, no matter how small or large. I am trying to accept issues as they are, and I will not try to forcibly change things that are out of my control or my concern. Therefore, I can move on with my life knowing that fewer things annoy me as they once did and I am happier because of it.

by Phil for Humanity
on 02/18/2008

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