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The Advantages of Setting Goals

Setting goals is very important, however not everyone is aware of all the reasons. Here are the advantages for setting goals.

First, by having clear goals, people know what they are striving to achieve.

Second, the sense of purpose is very important in accomplishing goals. Thus, people are much more motivated to achieve each of their goals if they have a reason to achieve those goals.

Third, by assigning goals, people are given personal responsibility for achieving those goals. Therefore, support for achieving goals increases when they are assigned.

Fourth, by having detailed goal plans, people increase both their productivity and performance. This is because outlining each step that is necessary to achieve a goal is critical to starting and executing goal plans.

Next, people have more confidence when they are noticeably making progress on their goals. And this is only possible when goals have detailed plans that are tracked to completion.

Finally, people are must more satisfied with themselves when they actually finish accomplishing their goals. This comes from the satisfaction of doing a well done job to the very end of the project, as well as the recognition in achieving those goals.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/02/2009

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