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Air Drop Relief Supplies

In light of the fiasco in Haiti, particularly getting much needed water and first aid to folks in crisis, I would like to suggest a helicopter air drop of small parcels in bright colored bubble wrap (Phil's Idea) containing water, 2 protein bars, a small first aid kit, water purification pills, waterproof matches, and a small light.

Perhaps corporations, entertainment, and government agencies could get together, strictly for humanitarian purposes, foregoing ego's, profits and politics. I figure the cost to be minimal since most of the product would be donated, maybe fifty cents per pack.

Considering the cost already spent with hundreds of parcels not yet delivered, people going hungry and thirsty, and dying; I cannot see any reason why sane people would not endorse something this simple and effective.

This would work well for all natural disasters and crisis situations, to tide people over who are in pretty good condition, so they could better fend for themselves and their families till more help arrives.

I believe this is a doable task, after all, it's all about the people in crisis getting help in a timely fashion and doing what works.


J.A. King

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