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All Men Are Not Created Equally

Remember when growing up, there was always another kid that was more athletic than you, and another kid smarter than you, or more artistic or better looking or more talented. Everything that you were good at or liked doing, you could find another child who was better at it. Oddly, everyone has these memories.

This is because everyone is unique, and no one is perfect. Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses, and everyone is unlike everyone else. Even if someone is great at something, there are always other people who are also great at it yet somehow different too. This difference always appears to the other personís advantage, even though it may not be. For example, youth is considered an advantage; yet conversely, experience is also considered as an advantage.

Basically, people are not equal. Thatís right. The truth is that all men are NOT created equally. Otherwise if this was true, everyone would be the same as everyone else.

People are different, because people have different physical capabilities, upbringings, educations, beliefs, mental capabilities, wealth, race, families, opportunities, and environments, just to name a few of the almost infinite number of other differences. As a result, we are not equal to each other.

Some people have a naturally unfair advantage over other people. Other people might not have any advantages at all. No one has a complete advantage over anyone else. Therefore, people are not equal.

Furthermore, people will never be equal too for the same reasons that they are not equal. Because of this, life is not fair. Life is not suppose to be fair because that is nature of life.

However, individuals should be treated fairly. If any person is unfairly treated for whatever discrimination or prejudice, then everyone could be unfairly treated since everyone has an unfair disadvantage of some kind.

by Phil for Humanity
on 02/16/2008

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