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Alleviating Pollution in Cities

In most of the urban Chinese cities, air pollution is causing very serious medical harm to everyone in and nearby those cities. Slowly, this air pollution is settling to the land (mostly from rainfall), thus turning the air pollution into land pollution that is also poisoning farmland. It is estimated that 30-40% of the Chinese farmland is contaminated with heavy metals and other pollution that are not safe for growing food. As a result, a significant and growing percentage of food grown in China is considered harmful and even toxic.

It is my opinion that China is currently unable and/or unwilling to decrease their air and land pollution for the safety of their people. As a result, I have several actionable and profitable recommendations that the Chinese government and Chinese entrepreneurs can immediately start to implement for the safety of their people as well as to become a more self-sufficient society and increase sustainability.

My first idea is completely enclosed cities. While it is impractical to dome an entire city and not allow the releasing of pollution within the enclosed cities, it is possible to enclose buildings. Buildings need to become virtually sealed. Meaning all air pumped into buildings must be sufficiently filtered of most pollution, yet people can still enter and exit at will through two sets of doors that minimize pollution entering buildings through doors. Windows and doors to the outside could not be left open for long periods of time. These buildings must be connected, not through regular roads, but with pollution free connection systems, such as enclosed roadways, tunnels, walkways, subways, trains, electric vehicles, etc. Thus people will not be exposed to pollution even when commuting. Any pollution created within these enclosed buildings or connection systems must be captured, and either removed from the enclosed builds, stored safely, and/or recycled as much as possible, without adding pollution within these semi-sealed buildings. This will ultimately create a massively semi-sealed city with each building being individually semi-sealed. I predict these sealed buildings will ultimately become massive cities all unto themselves.

While the above solution helps alleviate air pollution, it does not address the land pollution that is poisoning farmland and food. The obvious solution is to create indoor farms completely within these enclosed buildings, such as vertical farms. Typically, vertical farms are skyscrapers or tall buildings that are converted to indoor greenhouses and hydroponic farms. These vertical farms will require plenty of sunlight through closed windows and will also need to capture and filter rainwater for farming. Since these vertical farms can and will be located within major cities (thus saving transportation costs), sealed cities will be even more massive than current cities.

Eventually, these mega-cities could become fully sustained biospheres; or at least, these mega-cities could become working prototypes for real biospheres to be created later.

In addition to separating people from pollution, all of these additional infrastructures will create more jobs for a more self-sufficient and sustainable society.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/12/2014

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