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The Pros and Cons of Atheism

I am often surprised how ignorant some people are concerning atheism. So instead of clarifying atheism by defining what it is and what it is not, I think it would be much more useful to list the advantages and disadvantages of atheism.

The Advantages of Atheism
  1. No Antiquated Dogma: Atheists do not need to follow antiquated and sometimes inconsistent dogma including beliefs, doctrines, moralities, rules, and laws.

  2. More Logical: Atheism tends to be much more logical with their beliefs and morality, thus atheists are more willing to re-evaluate and change their beliefs and morality with respects to new information, knowledge, and experiences.

  3. More Freedom: Similarly to the previous advantage, atheism has more freedom of thought and action, even when they are counter culture. This is because most religions tend to limit freedom of thought and action to better control their followers. Furthermore, without fear of punishment (especially eternal punishment) from a higher power, atheists are even more freely able to explore their choices in life.

  4. More Personal Time: Atheists are not required to attend religious ceremonies, especially if they are periodic and lengthy. This includes durations of prayer and time of worship, such as Sabbath (Saturday or Sunday).

The Disadvantages of Atheism
  1. Self Defining Morality: Unlike religions that provide explicit morality, atheists can continuously explore and re-define their individual morality and quite possibly without satisfactory conclusions.

  2. No Destiny Means Responsibility: Without religion, there is not the possibility of a predetermined destiny, therefore individuals are responsible for their actions and future.

  3. Meaning and Motivation: Religious people sometimes believe that their lives have a higher purpose and meaning thus providing motivation to their lives. On the other hand, some atheists must discover their motivation and purpose. While other atheists only attempt to finding meaning in their lives without success. And other atheists may not even try searching.

  4. Belonging and Traditions: Atheism can, but not necessarily, mean the lack of belonging to a support group and traditions. There are plenty of non-religious groups that atheists can join and atheists can still partake religious traditions such as Christmas, thus atheism does not necessarily mean the lack of belonging or traditions.

  5. Condemnation: Religious groups sometimes openly condemn atheists for their beliefs, including blaming atheism for wrongs and lacking morality.

  6. Righteousness: Some atheists are known to arrogantly point out flaws in religions and religious morality, thus giving atheism a bad reputation of righteousness and attempting conversion that they abhor from religions.
If you think I have omitted any advantage or disadvantage to atheism, please let me know.

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/12/2012

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