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Atheists have Morals

Atheists may not believe in God, yet most atheists do believe in logic and reason. Therefore, most atheists only have faith in what can be scientifically proven and continuously scrutinized. And since there is neither scientific evidence nor proof of God, this is why atheists do not believe in any religion.

The same logic applies to morals too. It is often incorrectly assumed that since atheists do not have religious faith, then atheists do not have any morals. In my opinion, this does not make any sense. Actually, I believe this is the opposite of the truth. For instance, are all atheists violent, homicidal criminals? I think not.

Morality is defined as the principles of ethical behavior given by society, culture, family, and religion. Therefore, just growing up and living in a civilized society and stable family means that individuals, including atheists, will develop a set of morals. And since each person is raised differently with very diverse experiences, each person has a unique definition of morality and ethical beliefs.

However, atheists are different because atheists are more willing to continuously and logically question their morality and therefore possibly change their moral beliefs too. This is because logic and reason dictates that everything, including ethics, can and will be critically and continuously re-evaluated. This is true despite the original source of morality being society, culture, family, or religion.

A common example is that the Catholic Pope, and therefore all Catholics, does not believe that birth control is ethical, so therefore condoms are a sin. On the other hand, condoms have been proven to help prevent the spread of diseases and prevent unwanted children. Therefore, logic dictates that condoms are good for modern society despite antiquated religious beliefs.

In conclusion, atheists may not share religious faith, yet atheists can be just as moral and immoral as theists depending on the point of view and beliefs of the observer. However, I believe atheists are more moral than theists, because theistsí beliefs are much more stagnant while atheists are more willing to adapt their morality to a changing world where new ideas are always evolving.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/28/2007

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