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Auto-Correcting People

I hate when people correct something that Iíve said or wrote. And as a part-time blogger, this happens quite a lot to me as you can imagine.

Nevertheless, Iím guilty of correcting other people myself. Thatís right! I do what I donít like done to me. And I do it often too. For example, when someone uses the word "good" to describe a verb or adjective, I would automatically correct that person with the word "well". I realize that this is very hypocritical, so Iím trying to consciously change my behavior. Hence, this personal change is my current self improvement project to try improving my social skills.

When I was a lot younger, I enjoyed correcting people. It made me feel superior in knowledge and superior to other people. After dozens of years, correcting people became more of an automatic habit, rather than something that I continued to enjoy. It actually became tiring correcting people over and over again. I even noticed that I was repeatedly correcting the same person for the same reasons. Eventually, I started calling the habit of automatically correcting people as "auto-correcting" people.

Now, I finally realize that I have a problem, and knowing that I have problem is the first step in overcoming it. Iíve already stopped myself a few times, but I still notice that I auto-correct people way too much. Obviously, just being aware of my problem is not sufficient to prevent it. Maybe with continued vigilance, I hope my auto-correcting habit continues to diminish through time.

If not, does anyone have any other recommendations to achieve my personal development goal?

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/23/2008

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