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Buy One, Get One Free

I think everyone must be familiar with those "Buy One, Get One Free" or B1G1F sales. Unfortunately, there are 2 main problems with these sales. First, buyers typically do not want to buy two items at the same time. Second, finding the second item that someone is willing to purchase is more difficult than finding the first item, even if both items are identical. As a result, a lot of people often leave stores without buying anything, since they believe they are not getting a good deal if they only purchase a single item.

If companies are really interested in selling a large amount of their inventory, then why don't these stores just put their merchandise on sale at half off? The net effect is about the same number of purchases for these stores, since people who are willing to buy two items will most likely take advantage of the deal and purchase two items. Heck, they may even buy three or five items; while with existing sales, customers need to buy an even number of items to receive the full discount.

The same is true for those "Buy One, Get the Second Half Off" or B1GHO sales. In my opinion, it would be better for both customers and the stores to just discount all items about 25%.

Furthermore, these B1G1F and B1GHO sales make buyers feel as if stores are trying to force them into buying more than they need. As a result, these stores make their customers think negatively about the stores and that may even impact future sales too.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/27/2008

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