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Baby Knee Pads

As my daughter is learning how to walk, she falls a lot. This is perfectly normal.

Most of the time, she falls backwards onto her butt. Fortunately, her diaper absorbs most of the impact, so falling backwards does not seem to bother her too much. It could also be that she is so low to the ground that the fall is only a short distance, thus she does not have time to pick up serious speed that could hurt her.

However, she falls forward quite a bit too. I can tell that these types of falls are more painful. This actually falls into the common sense category in my opinion. This got me thinking as to why don't baby clothes have knee pads to absorb some of the impact of falls. I was not able to think of any reason why this would not be a good idea. Furthermore, knee pads would be better for babies when they crawl too.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/23/2011

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