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Baby Toy Idea

For a while now, Iíve been stacking blocks for my baby daughter to knock down. Typically, she can knock down the tower of blocks before I finish stacking them. We can do this game all day long.

I would think there could be a fast and easy way to automatically stack blocks together.

I was thinking about using a string or ribbon that goes through the center of each block that has itsí ends knotted. So all that I have to do is grab one of the end blocks and pull the string using the other hand, and the blocks instantly stick together in a stackable tower if upright. A ring could be attached to either knot to make it easier for the adult to pull. Maybe use some weak magnets to help the blocks stick together would be a good idea too.

The problem that I can think of is that strings and ribbons are not baby friendly, because they can choke with them.

Does anyone have a better idea for my invention?

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/23/2010

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