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Balance of Nature is Temporary

Balance of Nature is the theory that ecological systems are in a state of equilibrium. And if some external factor disrupts this delicate Balance of Nature, then ecological systems will eventually either slowly adapt or quickly adjust into a new state of equilibrium that is different that the previous state of equilibrium.

I have a very unfortunate theory that I would like to propose, and it is that any Balance of Nature is temporary. This means more than the inevitability that Balance of Nature are never permanent or that external factors are always applying forces on any natural equilibrium. It also means that mankind is continuously and rapidly applying new forces to nature that are happening too quickly for ecological systems to be able to adapt into a new equilibrium.

Therefore, a new Balance of Nature is no longer possible with humankind. And it is this constant change that will ultimately lead to both an environmental and biological disaster.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/28/2020

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