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Bathroom Lights

I recently installed CFL light bulbs in my bathroom, and I received an additional benefit that I was truly not expecting.

When CFL light bulbs are turned on, they are initially not very bright. I estimate that CFL light bulbs take about 30 seconds to achieve maximum brightness.

Well this is perfect for bathrooms, because bathrooms are the first rooms that people turn on the light in the pre-dawn morning when our eyes are still mostly adjusted to darkness. This is also advantageous when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night too.

The obvious alternative is to put a dimmer switch on bathroom lights, however I have rarely seen them in stalled in bathrooms. From what I've seen, dimmer switches are mostly installed in living rooms and kitchens for a more romantic or cozy feeling instead of brightness practicality for sensitive eyes.

So, my advice is to give CFL light bulbs a try in your bathroom. However, please remember to recycle them, since they contain mercury.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/06/2012

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