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Be a Respectable Adult

Is it me, or is there an increasing amount of adults who look, sound, and act absolutely horrible?

First off, tattoos are back in fashion, and even multiple tattoos too. A lot of people are still intimidated of people with tattoos, since they have always been associated with tough bikers, criminals, and sailors. Ladies, those small tattoos on your lower back may look sexy when you are a teenager, but they will look unrespectable when you are older.

Second, wearing clothes that gang member or homeless people wear has a lot draw backs. The police will either give these people a hard time or be very suspicious of them. Their job prospects will almost never be higher than a minimum wage job. In general, people will be afraid to even socialize with poorly dressed people, let alone help them. Having their pants down so low, that it looks like their pants are going to fall down, is absolutely pathetic looking. How can we take these people seriously, when they look like they either do not care about themselves or are unable to take care of themselves?

Third, speak English properly! Ebonics and slang may be common in some areas, but most people do not understand it and look down upon people using IT. To be socially integrated in society, speak the common language. People prefer well educated and eloquent speakers.

Forth, stop piercing every available body part. It makes people look like rebels without a cause or a clue. Heck, they look down right stupid to most of us. Besides people who also have body piercings, I donít think other people accept or understand people with piercings. Piercing body parts does not make them look unique, and whatever they are trying to prove is lost to most of us.

The fifth and final problem is an easy one. Get a haircut and make yourself presentable. People who are not well groomed have almost no chance of getting a good job and succeeding in life. If someone does not appear to take care of themselves, then who would trust them?

In conclusion, there are a lot people out there that are immediately considered not respectable, reliable, or trustworthy simply because of their tattoos, body piercings, language, clothes, and appearance. If they want to become responsible adults and be taken seriously in society, then they must be educated how their appearance and personality limits their options in life. I know we should not judge a book by its cover, but we all do.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/05/2007

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