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Better Car Storage Compartments

Most cars have one or two glove boxes for storing small items, such as coins, pens, papers, ownerís manual, GPS unit, power cables, and maps/directions just to name most of the common items. However, I have not seen a single car that has enough storage in the front of the vehicle for everything that I want to have quick and easy access to. And no, I do not want store these items in a trunk, since I need these items while in the driverís seat.

The items that I would like to have sufficient storage from within the driverís reach are:
  1. Large Umbrella: Right now, I can only store a small to medium sized umbrella on the car door shelf. I would like to be able to store a large golf umbrella instead.
  2. Windshield Sun Protector/Reflector: Windshield sun protectors and reflectors are very popular where I live, however no one has dedicated storage location for them. They typically get folded and stored by the passengerís seat or the back seat, where it is an inconvenience for everyone else and the driver might not able to reach it if it is moves.

  3. Jacket/Sweater: Whether the weather suddenly changes or a store/restaurant is a little too cold, it is very convenience to have a jacket or sweater within easy access where ever you go. While this item may be easily stored in the trunk of a car, you may not want to step out of the car if it is cold or raining without already wearing your jacket.
  4. Box of Tissues: If you also have allergies, an easily accessible box of tissues is a necessity.
  5. Trashcan: Where else am I going to put my used tissues and trash? The ashtray is way too small, so I am left only with using a cupholder as a trashcan. I prefer using an empty box of wipes as a trashcan, but it takes up room and moves by itself, sometimes out of reach.
Now the issue is where to store these large items. I think the most obvious solutions are in the car door and inside the car seats with a front panel access. I personally would like less cup holders too, since I can store five drinks in the front row of my car that only seats two people. I think car manufacturers need to think more about how people use cars to make them more convenient.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/22/2014

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