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Better Gasoline Reporting

When we purchase gasoline using a credit card, we typically do not think about how much gas that we are going to buy in order to calculate how much money that we are about to spend. However, if we are paying in cash and ahead of time, then we need to guess how much gasoline that we are going to buy, and then calculate how much money that is going to cost. While estimating this calculation in our heads, we additionally prefer guessing values that are too low rather than too high, because over purchasing ahead of time means that we would need deal with hassle of getting a refund, gas loss/overflow, as well as lost time.

A very simple and obvious solution is for car manufacturers to optionally display exactly how much volume is empty in the gas tank. Maybe even add a calculator to help simplify doing the calculation, or have an option to transfer this data to cell phones that already have built-in calculators. Better yet, cars should be able to auto-detect the price of each type of gasoline from nearby gas stations, and automatically display the cost of each type of fill up. Cars should also tell drivers which nearby gas station has the cheapest gasoline.

by Phil for Humanity
on 02/12/2014

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