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How to Build Better Trashcans

Most people do not think much about their lowly trashcan, however I have a few gripes that I want to vent about.

First, they are sometimes all black. This means that they are harder to see at night, thus they are more often hit by cars. Maybe the trashcan manufacturers should add reflectors for visibility, or maybe they prefer owners to buy trashcans more frequently. Additionally since they are black, they retain heat much better when in direct sunlight, thus they get hotter than if they were any other color. Already trash smells bad; but in the summer heat, trashcans can smell noxious. Therefore, black trashcans smell even more so. So I think that you would agree that trashcans should be made in lighter colors instead of black.

Second, trashcans are too short. Many trashcans, of any color, are not visible when backing out of the driveway, especially when driving a large sports utility vehicle. As a result, they are often hit by cars and trucks. Thus, trashcans need to be taller.

Finally, bugs and animals love trash and can always get inside trashcans. On more than one occasion, I have had opossums in my trashcan that scared the heck out of me, especially when they hiss while exposing their teeth. Additionally, roaches and flies are sometimes drawn to my trash. As a result, trashcans need to be more critter proof. I would think if trashcans had more angular or steep sides, such as a cone shape with the smaller diameter on the bottom, would make it much more difficult for animals to reach and enter through the top lid. The surface on the outside of the trashcans could also be smoother to additionally prevent animals from scaling into trashcans.

As a result, I think you can agree that trashcans have a lot of opportunities for improvement.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/13/2009

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