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The Problems with Blasphemy Laws

Blasphemy is the act of insulting or ridiculing religion(s), deity(ies)/god(s), religious person/group, or religious artifact(s). Some countries and religions believe blasphemy is a form of hate speech/crime or against the state's sanctioned religion, thus some government's have anti-blasphemy laws that consider any form of blasphemy as illegal with a wide range of punishments, including fines, imprisonment, dismemberment, and/or capital punishment.

Unfortunately, there are three major problems against blasphemy laws.
  1. First, freedom of speech allows the freedom of religious discourse between different groups of people. With the fear of blasphemy laws, an open discourse is impossible and counter to social tranquility.
  2. Second, blasphemy laws allow the prosecution of individuals and groups that are not members of the government's sanctioned religion. This is because what is considered blasphemy for one religion may not be blasphemy for another faith.
  3. Third and finally, blasphemy laws allow the prosecution of dissident individuals and groups of the government's sanctioned religion. As a result, blasphemy laws prevent the natural and smooth transition of social and religious beliefs.

In conclusion, blasphemy laws may appear to support law and order in a society, yet these blasphemy laws have the opposite effects by preventing social progression, subjugating minorities, and preventing freedom of speech.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/09/2012

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