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Bloggers Love Giving Advice

As a part-time blogger, I've noticed an interesting trend. The Internet has started replacing self-help books and television shows in the same way it replaced traditional news media.

This is because bloggers love giving advice. Actually, I think everyone enjoys giving guidance, and bloggers are just people with enough technical savvy and dedication to broadcast their advice over the Internet.

Essentially no topic is taboo or too mundane for bloggers, whether the advice is about dieting, sex, social skills, rearing children, relationships, sports, politics, cleaning, cooking, cars, employment, taxes, repairs, investing, finance, etc… I think you get the idea of just how many topics there are. Bloggers have probably filled every conceivable niche of advice even if they are not qualified to give any advice whatsoever on the topic. As a result, a lot of good and bad advice exists in cyberspace.

I am willing to bet that companies are starting to notice that their revenues from self-help books and television shows that give advice are decreasing too. Since it is extremely easy to obtain information for free on the Internet, I think businesses selling this type of information will go through financial hard times in the near future just as traditional news companies are suffering now.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/30/2008

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