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Blood Filters

Imagine for a moment, machines capable of identifying harmful viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells in human blood while the blood is pumping through veins in the human body. Next, imagine these machines being able to destroy these viruses and killing these bacteria and cancer cells in real-time without harming anything else in the blood.

Right now, this is science fiction. But how soon do you think these machines will be built? With the advances in micro-machines and nanobots, it is only a matter of time before white blood cells are obsolete. It may be a few decades away, but I think it will be possible.

In the mean time, I think it may be possible to create filters for blood. These blood filters would only allow predetermined objects to pass. Both white and red blood cells have unique sizes and shapes. Anything in the blood that is larger or smaller than red and white blood cells could be filtered out.

Here is how I imagine these blood filters working. First, viruses are much smaller than human cells, especially blood cells. Create a filter with holes that are so small that viruses can pass through but human cells can not pass through. Anything that is passed through these filters are captured and removed from the body. Next, create filters that have bigger holes that allow red and white blood cells to flow through back into the veins but not anything larger. Again, anything larger than human cells will be captured and removed from the body.

The problem with this idea is that other useful components in blood will also be filtered out, such as nutrients from food. If we can determine and replace them or add more filters to separate those items, then I think this blood filtering idea could work. Furthermore, it may not be necessary to completely remove every single virus or bacteria from the blood but significantly reducing them could be life or death.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/11/2010

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