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Bodybuilding Problems

I always wondered if extreme bodybuilding has any bad effects on the human body, and I am not referring to steroid use that has been scientifically proven to be harmful. Even though I am not a medical doctor, I suspect that there are at least these three issues with serious bodybuilding. Keep in mind that I think serious bodybuilding is anyone trying to add more than about 40 pounds (18 kilograms) of muscles.

First, the stress on the body must be huge, and this stress is probably not good on the human body in the long term either. Just the excessive stress on the heart is probably quite a lot. Remember, your body is supposed to last your entire lifetime and that can be a very long time.

Second, to gain a lot of muscle mass requires consuming large quantities of protein. Again, I do not think that the human body can easily adapt to eating and processing a lot of protein, especially those 2000 and 5000 calorie protein shakes. I am willing to bet that high protein diets probably cause damage in the long term to a person's stomach and intestines, especially their liver.

Third, every bodybuilder will eventually stop seriously exercising. At that time, all of this extra muscle will start turning into fat. So, it does not make sense to intentionally gain a lot of muscle mass if you do not want to become fat later. This fat can be bad for a healthy living too. I assume that gradually decreasing weightlifting workouts with cardiovascular exercise will burn this fat before all of the muscle turns into fat, so that bodybuilders do not become fat. But I do not think everyone will do that.

In conclusion, I think serious bodybuilders need to reconsider how much muscle they really want to gain and if the possible long term health risks are worth it.

Of course, I do not think gaining just a few pounds or kilograms is a problem.. only with trying to gain a large amount of muscles.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/17/2009

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