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Bored at Work

A friend at work recently told me that "It is better to be bored at work than bored at home".

It is true that it is better to be paid for not working than to be not paid for not working; however at home, I am seldom bored. That is the crux of the problem.

Almost all jobs have long periods of downtime with little or no work.. or at least no interesting work, especially if you have been doing the same monotonous job for a couple of years. And this time period is when the feeling of job stagnation can quickly and permanently set in. Job stagnation can lead to much more than just boredom. First, job stagnation will eventually cause depression. Second, the depression of a single employee can and will quickly spread to other employees. Sooner or later, this boredom/depression will cause a noticeable decrease in the performance, both in quality and quantity, of the entire company. Furthermore, this depression can even suck the life out of any person during non-working hours too. As a result, job stagnation is very undesirable for both employees and employers.

That is why I am big advocate of job rotation. If you are bored at work like I am, then ask your boss for a change in assignments. Look for other types of tasks that you have never done before, preferably jobs with more responsibilities or in management. These new jobs should come with a higher salary too.

If no changes occur, then it is time to look for another job at another company. If you are still depressed after a change in jobs, then it is time to consider a career change.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/04/2008

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