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The Pros and Cons of Bottled Water

Bottled water is a multi-billion dollar, worldwide industry that has become very controversial in recent years. As a result, I think it would be a good time to review both the advantages and disadvantages of bottled water.

The Advantages of Bottled Water
  1. Convenience: Bottled water is very convenient to carry or transport, especially in locations where drinkable water is not available, not guaranteed, hard to locate, or at great distance.

  2. Storage: Bottled water is easily storable in case of emergencies and disasters.

  3. Safety: The safety of bottled water can be more easily maintained, tested, and inspected by government agencies. On the other hand, tap water may be more easily contaminated. However keep in mind, bottled water is not guaranteed to be safer.

  4. Taste: Bottled water is considered to have a more consistent taste than tap water. Additionally, slightly more people prefer the taste of bottled water versus tap water.

The Disadvantages of Bottled Water
  1. Cost: The cost of bottled water is significantly higher than tap water.

  2. Chemicals: While bottled water in glass bottles is considered relatively safe, bottled water in plastic bottled may contain chemicals (such as BPA) from the plastic. These chemicals are believed (not proven) to cause several diseases, including cancer.

  3. Waste: Even though plastic and glass bottles are recyclable, a large number of bottled are not recycled. Furthermore, these bottles that are only used once are not always necessary. People should use re-usable canteens or glasses, however that requires people to carry their own re-usable containers.

  4. Tap Water: Many bottled water manufacturers fill their bottles with tap water that can be found almost anywhere. However, some companies do use distilled or purified water.

  5. Fluoride: Most bottled water do not contain fluoride that is necessary to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Oddly, most governments require added fluoride into tap water but not into bottled water.

  6. Quality: Bottled water and tap water have different quality standards.
Now as consumers, we have to decide for ourselves which type of water is best for us.

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/18/2012

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