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Brush then Floss or Floss then Brush?

Do you brush your teeth first and then floss, or do you floss and then brush your teeth?

First, let me state that there is absolutely no consensus between dentists for any of the following recommendations.

Some dentists say that if you brush your teeth only back and forth, then you should floss first. However, if you brush up and down, then you need to brush your teeth first. If you brush in circular motions, then the verdict is still undetermined. People are suppose to brush in circular motions, but not everyone does.

The problem with brushing first is that after flossing your mouth is full of leftover particles of food. This is when people should either brush their teeth again or rinse their mouth. Brushing a second time is typically not recommended, since too much brushing can damage your gums. On the other hand, rinsing can be more easily done with just plain tap water or with a mouthwash. Some people prefer to use antiseptics, especially if they are prone to bad breath.

Furthermore, if you are prone to bleeding when flossing, then brush first. If you bleed when brushing, then see a dentist as soon as possible.

While the order of brushing and flossing may be debatable, both brushing and flossing are strongly recommended as well as rinsing after flossing too.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/12/2008

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