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Two Issues with Burglar Alarms

I have these two pet peeves with every burglar alarm that I have ever used.

First, pressing any button on the burglar alarm causes a very loud beep. If anyone is sleeping, the alarm will most likely wake them up. As a result, if I forget to turn on the alarm before anyone goes to sleep, then I most likely do not bother turning it on for the night. The problem is that these beeps are not adjustable with a volume or even able to be turned off. This issue should be extremely easy to resolve.

Second, in the morning when I am about to leave the house, I have to first turn off the alarm, then I immediately turn back on the alarm in order to leave the house. Basically, I am entering the security code twice in a row, when the alarm is on and I want to either enter or exit the house and still leave the alarm on in the end. I would think it would be very easy to add a button to suspend the alarm for a moment; and of course, I would also be required to enter my security code only once. Thus, this solution would speed up the process of using my burglar alarm each day.

I am just hoping that manufacturers of burglar alarms read this article and then address these issues.

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/06/2013

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