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A New and Better Busy Phone Call Feature

I am often not available to answer phone calls, because I am already in an important phone call, in class, in a meeting, or I do not want to be distracted when driving my car.

I wish there was a button or feature that would re-direct callers, on my command, to a pre-recorded message that will alert callers that the person that they are trying to contact is currently busy and that person will contact them later. Activating this feature will immediately stop the phone from ringing anymore for this phone call.

Furthermore, at the end of the message, the feature will give the caller an option to redial or reconnect to the person if their phone call is urgent. When this happens, the personís phone will ring again but with a more urgent ringtone to signify that the phone call is urgent and should probably be answered.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/01/2013

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