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Possible Cure for Canker Sores

I think I may have accidentally stumbled upon a possible cure for canker sores.

This is what happened to me. I had a very large and painful canker sore in my mouth near my lips, caused by my son head-butting me in the face. I was in so much pain that I fell asleep with my mouth wide open, which is quite unusual for me to do. After a few hours, I woke up because my throat and mouth was extremely dry. I literally felt that I was choking on cotton balls or something similar. For the first few moments awake, I was swallowing a lot and trying to get more saliva to sooth my dry mouth. This is when I noticed that my canker sore was essentially dead. I could still feel and see the canker sore, but it gave me no more pain besides the dry mouth. May be next time, I will have a bottle of water by my bed to alleviate the dry mouth.

Unfortunately I am not a doctor, so I donít know if my one time remedy was just a fluke or random luck with the canker sore naturally going away by itself. Or if this drying technique is even a wise solution, or if there is another safer or easier method to dry a canker sore.

This is something that I would not recommend without asking professional medical advice, so attempt it at your own risk. However next time, I am willing to test my hypothesis one more time.

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/19/2014

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