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Cell Phones as Secure Transmitters

Do you have a transponder in your car to automatically pay toll booths? And do you have another device in your car to open your garage door? And do you have even another device in your car to open your neighborhood communityís gates?

All of these devices are a bit excessive when your cell phone could be used as a universal transmitter for all of the above purposes. Additionally, fewer transmitters should decrease overall costs too.

For the instance of toll booths, using cell phones as a transponder do have a few unique issues that I think can be easily addressed. First, cell phones may need to be running a certain software application, that is preconfigured with the toll booth computers (i.e. associating a unique cell phone with a charge/debit account), when passing toll booths. This application could automatic start when a phone turns on. Or this application could be configured to automatically start and stop according to GPS location and/or proximity to a toll booth thus saving power life on the cell phone. Or users could manually start and stop the software application.

The second issue is when multiple cell phones with the application are in a single vehicle, then who is charged? If each cell phone in a vehicle are associated with the single account (such as when a husband and wife are both in the same vehicle), then their account would only be charged once. However, if two or more cell phones associated with different accounts are in the same vehicle, then only one account should be charged or each account evenly pays a percentage of the cost. This could be user customizable.

When using cell phones as remotes for garage doors and security gates, another user customizable software would be necessary too. Now that I am thinking about it, I donít see why cell phones cannot also double as television remote controls, security alarms, electronic security badges (NFC, GPS, and radio based), and even good old fashioned keys. Since cell phones can be password locked to use an application, cell phones would be intrinsically more secure than most other stand-alone devices. Furthermore, security monitors could be used to guarantee that cell phones were not illegally cloned before giving access, by verifying that only one instance of a single cell phone is on a network at a time.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/23/2014

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