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An Easier Way to Check for a Wet or Soiled Diaper

Are you tired of checking your baby’s diaper to see if it needs changing? Well, I am.

To check if a diaper is dirt or wet, you probably need to partial disrobe some or all of your baby’s clothes. Then you either partially open the diaper to see inside it, or you stick your finger in the diaper. Finally, you have to put everything back if there is no need to change the diaper.

This is not exactly quick or easy, so I have simple suggestion for diaper manufacturers.

I would imagine it would be easy to re-engineer diapers so that the outside of the diaper changes color if the inside of the diaper gets wet or soiled. Since there are plenty of materials that naturally change colors when wet, this should be an easy enhancement.

This is just a thought. Use it at your discretion. Now if I can only contact either Huggies or Pampers with this suggestion.

by Phil for Humanity
on 02/23/2010

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