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The Effects of Chinese Policies

So far, China’s international policy of noninvolvement and noninterference with the internal politics of other countries has worked very well for China. For instance, China is willing to be economic partners with suppressive dictatorships, oppressive kingdoms, and free market democracies. This is most likely because the Chinese government does not want other countries to interfere with their internal politics; therefore they return this favor to other countries.

However China’s policy of economic growth at all costs is at odds with China’s international policy. One of China’s primary problems is their exponentially growing need for natural resources, such as oil, gas, aluminum, water, steel, etc., that China is not self sufficient in supplying. The main reason that the Chinese government wants sustained economic growth is to mitigate one of their other primary problems of civil unrest with their population. Currently, the Chinese leadership is using economic growth as a way to continuously improve the quality of lives of their population as a means to minimize domestic unrest. Obviously, this economic growth policy is in direct contradiction with communism; however, this policy has successfully kept the Chinese communist party in power.

An example of China’s international policy conflicting with their economic policy is the situation with Taiwan. Officially, the Chinese government wants to re-unite Taiwan back into China; however unofficially, the Chinese leadership is not interested in disrupting the economic stability that China has with Taiwan. In other words, the Chinese leadership can not afford to become aggressive if it will affect China’s economy, since their economy is vital with the Chinese leadership staying in power. Furthermore, the Chinese government has started to influence the local politics of other governments in an effort to increase the natural resources that China receives from those other countries.

The changes undergoing with China’s international policy will only delay the inevitable, since China’s economic policy is unsustainable. Since China’s economy can not continuously grow forever, a recession or depression will bring massive pressures from within China for political changes of the Chinese government. Furthermore, as China becomes more developed, the Chinese population will become more educated concerning freedoms that other governments allow. This will drastically increase pressure for reform of the Chinese government from within China. The Chinese government’s need for internal stability with their population and economic growth is an increasing liability for the Chinese leaders to stay in power. Eventually, the Chinese leaders will be inevitably forced to give more freedoms to their people until the Chinese Communist Party is no longer in control of China.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/17/2007

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