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Choice is the only Freedom

The only freedom that anyone really has is choice. I am NOT referring to the Pro-Choice versus Pro-Life abortion debate. I am referring to actual choosing your own fate and selecting your preferences. Whether it is choosing what school to go to, getting a job, leaving your current job, joining the military, electing politicians, buying a car, selecting the color of paint, or even what to eat. Choice is the biases to all real freedom.

Furthermore, choice is the only real freedom that anyone can have. As long as a person's freedom of choice does not interfere with someone else, such as murder or theft; then choice is the basic right of every human being.

Therefore, be very wary when a politician or government removes freedom of choice on any issue. When a government tries to control or regulate its' people, it is really removing options that their people once had. An option that its' population is typically best suited to decide for themselves on an individual basis for what is best for themselves. This is even true when parents try to control their children, such as what school or degree their children will study. While removing options may be done in the best interest, choice is the only real freedom that anyone can ever have.

by Phil for Humanity
on 02/20/2011

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