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Can You Guess One of the Biggest Wastes of Electricity? -From the Other Grinch

Christmas lights. Bah-hum-bug!

Christmas lights are great to see during the holiday season, especially since they make the season more cozy and festive. Who doesn't like Christmas lights? Even the French do! I'm part French, so I can get away with saying that.

However, those little Christmas lights that most of us hang outside of our homes are a huge issue. Christmas lights may not use much energy per household, but the massive quantity of Christmas lights that everyone uses waste a large amount of electricity. As a result, this produces more pollution that is released into the environment. Who wants that?

We tell our children to turn off the lights when no one is in a room, yet we leave Christmas lights on for hours each day when no one is watching them. Is our non-practical wasting of electricity worth the pollution? I think not. While we are enjoying our festive Christmas, our children may not have one.

Another problem is that using Christmas lights increase our electricity bills. Not only are we paying for the electricity to power Christmas lights, but the increase utilization of electricity by everyone also increases the cost of electricity that is not being used for Christmas lights too. This is basic supply versus demand. The more electricity is used, the more it is going to cost us per kilowatt. the environment. Who wants that?

As a result this year, I am not hanging Christmas lights outside, and I am only turning on the Christmas lights on our Christmas tree when we have guests over. If most people do the same throughout the world, then we can all do our small part in helping the planet. And if you still want to see Christmas lights, go see a professional's house. You probably won't have to travel far.

Alternatively, we could decorate outside of our homes without using light bulbs. Or we could enforce Christmas lights to be made out of those energy saving light bulbs too, but that only lessens the amount pollution Christmas lights would make. Bah-hum-bug!

Happy Holidays,

The Other Grinch

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