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ClearCase Support: Displaying Comments

I am quite often asked how to display ClearCase comments from the command line. The basic command is this:

cleartool describe -fmt 'Name:\t%En\nComment:%c' PATH_OF_ELEMENT_OR_VERSION

This command will let you see the command of any comment for any version in the version tree or whatever version your config spec is configured to access. For example, if you wanted to run this command on an element:

$ cleartool describe -fmt 'Name:\t%En\nComment:%c' filename.txt
Name: filename.txt
Comment:This is the comment of the version that my ClearCase View is accessing.

Alternatively, you can run it on a specific version, such as:

$ cleartool describe -fmt '\tName:%En\nComment:%c' filename.txt@@/main/1
Name: filename.txt
Comment:This is the comment of version /main/1 of element filename.txt.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/16/2007

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