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ClearCase Support: Finding and Setting Views

I'm often asked to find out Views, so here are a few ClearCase commands to help find and set Views.

First, to list all the Views from every user, run this command:

cleartool lsview

Second, to search every View belonging to a certain user (assuming the user's id is in the View's name or path), run this command:

In UNIX: cleartool lsview | grep USER_ID

In Windows: cleartool lsview | find "USER_ID"

Third, to find more information about any View, run this command:

cleartool lsview -long VIEW_NAME

Next, to set a View from the command line, run this command:

cleartool setview VIEW_NAME

Finally, to display the ClearCase View that the current command line is in, run this command:

cleartool pwv

In short, this command is called "pwv" and that stands for "Path of Working View".

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/19/2007

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