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ClearCase Support: Renaming and Moving Elements

Ever wonder how to rename or move an element (file or directory) in a VOB?

Here's how. First, check out the directory where the element is in, since you will be changing the directory listing and not the element itself. This directory is called the "parent directory" of the element. Second, run this command:

cleartool move OLD_NAME NEW_NAME

Finally, check in the elementís parent directory.

Next, to move a file from one directory to another directory within the same VOB, checked out both parent directories of where you are moving the element from and where you are moving the element to. Next, run basically the same command:

cleartool move OLD_PATH NEW_PATH

You can even rename the element at this time. Finally, don't forget to checkin both parent directories.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/19/2007

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