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ClearCase Support: Checked Out But Removed Error

One of the most common error messages in ClearCase is when an element (file or directory) is "checked out but removed". From some graphical user interfaces (GUIs), the element even appears to be missing from the directory where the element is suppose to be located.

However, by executing "cleartool ls" from the command line, the element appears to exist yet removed. For example, this is what a typical user would see:

$ cleartool ls
test.txt@@/main/CHECKEDOUT from /main/2 [checkedout but removed]

There are several possible reasons for this issue to happen. The first most likely reason is because the user had permission to checkout the file, yet the user did not have permission to copy the file from the VOB to the userís View in the current directory. In other words, the user did not have write permission in the parent directory where the file is located. Therefore, uncheckout the file (using the command "cleartool unco FILENAME"), and then verify that the user has write permissions in the parent directory. Either try creating a new file in the directory or directly check the directoryís write permissions with the userís permissions. After the permissions have been corrected, then the user can checkout and modify the file correctly.

Another reason for this error to happen is that the element was checked out correctly but later deleted, moved, or renamed. There is nothing that can be done for this issue, except unchecking out of the element and re-checking out the element.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/20/2007

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