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ClearCase Support: Eclipsed Warning Message

Another common ClearCase warning message is when an element is "eclipsed". This is caused when there are two files (or directories) with the same name in a single directory. You may ask how this is possible. This problem is typically caused when a View is configured not to see or access an element, so the user creates a new file of the same name in the same directory. Therefore in ClearCase, it is possible to have a single element in the VOB, while the View can have a different element with the same name in the same directory. The View’s element always has priority, so the user would only access their View private element, yet the user would encounter this warning message:

$ cleartool ls
test.txt@@ [eclipsed]

Note, that there are two files in this directory with the same name. The first file is the View private element, and the second file is an element in the VOB. Thus, the VOB’s element has been overshadowed or "eclipsed" by the higher priority of the View private file.

The solution for this problem is quite easy. Just rename the View private element to a unique name. You may need to copy data over between both files, but at least no data was lost.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/20/2007

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