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ClearCase Support: Restarting ClearCase Services and Processes

If you are a UNIX or ClearCase administrator, then you might need to periodically restart the ClearCase services on a computer. Here is how to do it.

First, you will need to log in as root.

Second, this is the command to stop all ClearCase process on a computer:

# atria_start stop

This "atria_start" program can be located in any of these locations:


Furthermore, this "atria_start" program may also be listed as these equivalent executables:


This all depends on your version of ClearCase and Operating System.

Once ClearCase has been stopped, you can make changes to the ClearCase environment or operating system as needed.

Finally, to restart all ClearCase processes, run this command:

# atria_start start

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/26/2008

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