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ClearCase Support: How to Delete a View in ClearCase

The command to delete a new View is also relatively straight forward.

cleartool rmview –tag VIEW_NAME

WARNING: Deleting the View will delete all View private files including checked out files, compiled files, derived objects, config specs, and config records in the View. Use this command with caution. Check in all files that you want to keep into the VOB before deleting the View.

If a View is partially deleted or corrupted, then the above command might not work. In this case, you will have to run these three steps.

First, find the View’s storage directory with this command:

cleartool lsview | grep VIEW_NAME

Second, manually delete the entire View’s storage directory that was listed in the output of the previous command.

Third, remove the View’s tag from the Registry Server, so the View no longer appears available or active with this command:

cleartool rmtag –view VIEW_NAME

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/27/2008

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