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ClearCase Support: Finding Branches on Version Trees

I am often asked how to find a certain branch from the command line. The command is something like this:

cleartool find . -all -ver 'brtype(BRANCH_NAME)' -print

This command will display each version that has this branch and start recursively searching in the current directory or ".", or you can specify only one element like this example:

$ cleartool find /vob/test/a/ -all -ver 'brtype(TEST_BRANCH)' -print

If you only want to see the latest versions on the branch, then use this command instead:

$ cleartool find /vob/test/a/ -all -ver 'version(.../TEST_BRANCH/LATEST)' -print

However, if you only wanted to find elements with a branch without listing each version on the branch, then you can run:

$ cleartool find /vob/test/a/ -all -element 'brtype(TEST_BRANCH)' -print

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/16/2007

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